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17 June, 2019

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Jordi’s stoppage-time goal seals Ibiza’s win in Melilla

Ibiza defeated Melilla and finished the season with a well-deserved victory. Alfaro’s side earns a spectacular sixth-place finish in the league, which qualifies them to the next Copa del Rey. Additionally, the Can Misses squad earns the most points ever for an Ibizan team in the third tier with 63 points. Jordi’s stoppage-time goal sealed their fourth consecutive league triumph.

The first half was leveled with both sides controlling the ball evenly. The hosts had the clearest chances. However, a sublime Lucas denied all the Melillan opportunities with outstanding saves.

Alfaro’s team could’ve also taken the lead with two threatening chances in the final stretch. First,  Raí worked the keeper with a powerful strike. Then, seconds before halftime, Gonzalo almost opened the scoring with a shot that went just wide of the goal.

The second half began with a clear opportunity for Melilla. Menudo’s one-on-one shot against Lucas bounced off the woodwork. As time progressed, Ibiza managed to dominate the match against a side that aimed to threaten the visitor’s box with quick counters. When everything seemed to be destined for a draw, Jordi found the back of the net for Ibiza and sent the away side into a frenzy. A victory to finish strong.


0- MELILLA: Dani Barrio, Mario (Romero, min.77), Jilmar, Richi, Aguza, Alfonso, Igor, Otegui, Traoré, Menudo y Héber Pena (Brian, min.77).

1- IBIZA: Lucas, Fobi, Gonzalo(Albizua, min. 65), Mariano, Giner, Nuñez, Provencio, Perdomo, Raí, Cirio (Serra, min.88) y Rodado (Jordi, min.55)

Goal: 0-1(Jordi, 90th minute)

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