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2-0. Ibiza with a positive performance against Castellón

13 August, 2019

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Ibiza has taken another step in the right direction. The Sky Blues –who once more were wearing the new black away kit– ran out victors with a scoreline of 2-0 against Club Deportivo Castellón. Ibiza was the better of the two sides for the majority of the two halves which were played on the natural grass pitch of the Cracks football academy.

Rodado (in the 25th minute) and Cirio (in the 80th) were the goalscorers for Ibiza. Both strikers converted their respective penalties which the referee had no doubts about awarding on each occasion. The Mallorcan striker struck his penalty very narrowly to the left of the keeper and the ball entered the goal after coming off the post. In the case of the Catalan striker’s spot kick, he had to retake the penalty after the match officials had spotted an infringement into the box prior to the penalty being taken. Cirio was unimpressed and the Ibiza number 10 slotted the ball into the back of the net with ease.

In a highly physical and intense encounter, Ibiza decided to assemble a solid defence, consisting of three central and two outer defenders and Pablo Alfaro’s side managed to deal with the never tiring display of Castellón in comfortable fashion. The first of the two penalties came after a well-taken free kick by Javi Lara. The Cordoba native’s delivery found Núñez and Mariano who were both close to producing a finish, all a couple of minutes before Rodado scored his penalty which was given after Rubén González (making his debut after overcoming some physical challenges) was brought down after a rough tackle.

In the second half, Ibiza signalled its intent when Raí found Rodado who unfortunately was not able to produce a succinct finish. After that, it was Cirio, who after a strong run found himself in the box and fired a shot which the opposition keeper managed to save with some difficulty. It was the lead-up to the second penalty which decided the game in Ibiza’s favour which gained a moral boost and now has the home stretch of preseason well and truly within its sights. On Friday and Saturday, there are two more friendlies against Peña Deportiva –at Can Misses– and Formentera –at Sant Francesc– respectively, before the season begins in earnest on August 25.

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