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David Morillas: “Working the way we have been will give us more points than we will lose”

6 November, 2019

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David Morillas has played all eleven league matches so far. Ibiza’s left-back turned 33 at the end of September. One of the squad’s veteran players, he is enjoying a sweet moment of his career. “I feel great physically. I expected to notice a difference between the natural and artificial pitch, but I am training really well. Hopefully, it will continue this way and I can keep adding more games [played]”, said Morillas during today’s press conference.

The Murcia natural expects “a fantastic game” next Sunday in Valdebebas. Real Madrid Castilla “is one of the best reserve teams in Spain” and Morillas is not thinking about who might be called up by the first squad of Real Madrid on the weekend. Whoever plays for Madrid’s second team, Ibiza will face a strong opponent against which it aims to “get three points”. The formula to achieve this objective is “to believe” in the work being done, despite the last three results. “Based on my experience, I don’t think it’s time to be nervous. We might have started a poor run of results, but not in terms of our style of play. We performed well in the last couple of matches, but we didn’t get the results we were after. In terms of intensity, style of play, based on what the team is showing in each match, I don’t think we have changed our approach too much. Working the way we have been will give us more points than we will lose“, explained the sky blues’ number ’21’.

Morillas did not want to compare his side to others in group 1 of the Segunda B division (“looking at others is a waste of time”) as “there is a long road ahead in the league and anything can happen”. The team is focusing on providing its fans with a new victory: “We feel sorry about not having been able to provide our fans with wins in the last few games, but I think they are still proud of having seen a team on each occasion that fights all the time and is going after the three points“.

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