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Fran Grima: “There’s a lot of competition in this squad. For each position, two or three players are vying for place in the starting eleven”

22 August, 2019

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Fran Grima is one of Ibiza’s veteran players and he fills this role in this exact way. The right-back is about to start his second season in the sky blue squad and today, at a press conference, he explained that the summer of 2019 has provided him with the necessary patience and tranquility to tackle a new season starting on Sunday. “This new project is very exciting. We’re going into this season with a lot of optimism. We’ve maintained a solid block of last year made up of the coach and several players. We started training with several new faces which are now firmly part of the squad and for each position there is a lot of competition, with two or three players vying for the same spot. If you’re playing, you can’t take it lightly because they’ll always be another teammate who’ll be able to match what you’re doing if not do it better. That’s how you increase the level of the team”, explained Grima.

In the press conference room of Can Misses, Grima acknowledged that after eight preseason matches and countless training sessions to find their form, Ibiza is now eager to start competing for the first three points on offer in the new season: “We can’t wait for the season to get started. We’re starting to analyse our opponents. Reserve teams such as the one of Las Palmas, for example, tend to have talented players in their squads and who have a good technique. We’re breaking them down in terms of their characteristics and on Sunday we will try everything to get our first win”.

Apart from the football side of things, Grima is all too aware of the importance of turning a dressing room into a close-knit group, especially in a league as tough and tricky as Second Division B. It’s no coincidence that he has accumulated 259 matches in this league. “The club’s policy is to form a squad that, above all, is a family of good people and characters. That’s precisely what they have achieved and something that will be fundamental in an ambitious project such as this one here in Ibiza which, we hope will be very successful in the long-run”, said Grima.

For Grima, something novel this season will be the visits to grounds in Galicia, Asturias and Madrid. He has never played in group 1, but believes that Ibiza will adapt well: “The change of group is a bit of an unknown for us. It’s new for me. We’re not thinking ahead in any way. We’re totally focused on round 1; round 38 remains far in the distance. It’s a very equal division, so our objective is to try and win every Sunday and do the right things by starting with our daily work”.

Watch the press conference (with English subtitles) below:

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