• Formalisation of the pre-registration means that UD Ibiza-Eivissa’s General Club Rules (available at the Club’s offices and on the Club’s official website, have been read and accepted.
  • Any disenrollment from the academy, once the pre-registration form has been handed in, will not be eligible for any kind of refund of any amount already paid. if this disenrollment also requires the disenrollment of the player’s registration with the federation, in order to register at another club, only in the case that club gives authorisation, the player must pay the full season’s fees if they have not already been paid in full. without having paid said amount, and without the club’s authorisation, the disenrollment with the federation will not be performed.
  • Pre-registration payment in 8-a-side and 11-a-side football does not guarantee a definitive place in the academy, neither does it guarantee assignment to a particular team, the team that the player is assigned to will be decided by the club’s academy recruitment department. in the case that a player is not admitted to the academy, a full refund of the pre-registration fee will be made.
  • By signing up to U.D. Ibiza-Eivissa, the player and/or their legal representative authorise U.D. Ibiza-Eivissa to use and publish photographs, images and personal details regarding the player on the Club’s official website ( as well as in any other media – press, radio, television, or digital publications, calendars, videos, information and news related to the Academy football teams.
  • As a player, belonging to U.D. IBIZA-EIVISSA gives the right to participate in all training sessions programmed by the player’s team, it does not guarantee being included in every matchday squad or starting line-up in official or friendly matches, Said matchday squads and starting line-ups will be selected by the coach of the team in the best sporting interests of the Academy.
  • The player will be selected by the Academy’s Sporting Directorship to play in the team they see fit for any given match, whether or not this is player’s usual team. This could mean having to change the players registration in the federation to another team. (This measure would only happen in exceptional circumstances during the season, but the possibility exists).
  • No player, from the moment of pre-registration until the end of the season, will be able to participate in any match or training session organised by any other football club or academy, without full authorisation from the Sporting Directorship of U.D. IBIZA-EIVISSA.
  • The father/mother/guardian of the player must pay the Club fees when they are pending.
  • If fees are unpaid, the player could be prevented from participating in Academy activities (training sessions, matchday squads, matches) until the situation has been resolved. Said resolution must be performed within a maximum of 7 days from the communication of the irregularity. In these cases, the Club will charge an additional 7 euros to cover the costs of the rejection of the direct debit. If the payment is not made, the player could be temporarily or permanently disenrolled from the Academy, depending on the decision taken by the Club’s directorship.
  • Any worry, problem etc that the player or his father/mother/guardian may have regarding sporting issues, should be communicated directly to the team’s coach in the first place, and in second place to the Academy’s Coordinator/Sporting Directorship. If the result is not satisfactory the issue can then be taken to the Sporting Area of the Club’s Board of Directors.
  • Respect towards teammates, coaches, coaching staff, the Board of Directors, opposition teams, referees, equipment etc, as well as commitment to the Club, will be essential every time a player wears anything which associates them to U.D. IBIZA-EIVISSA. This is also the case when a player makes comments on social media or forums and identifies themselves as a member of this Academy. This includes the use of foul or abusive language, disrespectful comments, or comments which damage the image of the Club or are against the Club’s best interests.



  • No player will be admitted to training sessions/matchday squads/matches without the current season’s official kit, which will be handed out before the beginning of the season. The cost of kit is included in the pre-registration fee.
  • The player is obliged to use the kit that the Club decides will be worn at each sporting or social occasion (training sessions, matches, tournaments, team presentations, etc). In that case that a player does not comply with this rule, they will be unable to participate in the programmed activity.
  • At training sessions and matches, fathers/mothers/guardians/friends of the players must remain in the stands or behind the barriers which surround the playing area.
  • U.D. Ibiza-Eivissa do not accept responsibility for the loss and/or theft of players’ personal belongings when at the Club facilities.
  • U.D Ibiza-Eivissa do not accept responsibility for any injury or accident suffered by any Club player outside of matches and training sessions, even though it might have happened within the Club’s facilities.

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