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Going full throttle at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit

1 August, 2019

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As they got on the team bus, Ibiza’s players had no idea where the bus driver was going to take them. The team’s coaching staff had hashed out a plan in secret. This activity took place at the last minute, and contrary to what was actually planned, as the afternoon session was swapped for a team-building excursion. A thirty-minute bus ride from Cracks, the team soon arrived at Cheste.

Dressed in their usual training gear, the squad made its way to the stands and took in the enormity of the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, a total of four kilometres of curves and straights admired by thousands of spectators over the last twenty years during events such as the MotoGP. After the track inspection came the best part of the visit: a kart session to get the adrenaline pumping.

Alternating between the accelerator (right foot) and brake (left foot), the footballers got a taste for the need for speed as they completed two training laps and two laps of racing. It was a fantastic way to break the daily routing among endless laughter after completing the first week of the camp in Valencia.

Thanks for having us!

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