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Gonzalo: “We know that winning games in this league is very difficult”

9 October, 2019

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«We want to create something great, but that requires you to take it step by step» Highlighting the long-term focus of Ibiza’s project: that’s how Gonzalo de la Fuente finished his press conference today where he explained that the team’s only objective is thinking about Sunday’s tough match at Can Misses: «What I will say is that our focus is solely placed on beating Inter and then we will see. At the end of the day, we’re only seven matches into the season and everything we speak about now might be completely irrelevant in three or four months’ time«.

The sky blues’ number 4 knows that Sunday’s visitors from Madrid will be a tough proposition to overcome. As solid as Ibiza has been presenting itself during home fixtures (the team hasn’t lost a home game in almost eleven months), each match is a new challenge that needs to be overcome. «I think that this will be a tricky game without a doubt. They are very similar to us in terms of their position in the table, points, goals for and against as well as results. It’s a team with experienced players who know how this league works and for that reason, I believe it will be a very difficult game. We need to keep playing the way we have at Can Misses and be conscious of the fact that it is very difficult to win games in this division«, explained Gonzalo, who knows and is thankful for the support Ibiza will undoubtedly receive once again from its fans who are proud of «a team that represents the city outside of the island».

Gonzalo is the team’s most veteran player. In November he will turn 35 years old, but in his second season with Ibiza his optimism is that of a young player coming through the ranks. As long as he will lace his boots, he will keep learning: «I’m really happy, from the day I arrived here to how things are going now. «If I keep playing football, it’s with the purpose of improving as much as I can always«. To fulfil this personal objective, the competition within the team is an added benefit. With the arrival of «really good central defenders» such as Quintanilla and Rubén during the summer, and with Mariano breathing down his neck, Gonzalo approaches training «completely switched on». «The day that I will stop improving, I will be asked to step aside. It’s that healthy competition in the team that helps me maintain a pretty good level«, says the defender who wore the captain’s armband in the last match in the absence of Cirio.

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