Ibiza dares to dream: uniting an island in sky blue

23 June, 2020

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This season started off with a new season ticket campaign using the hashtag, I am Ibiza. The objective was to unite all fans on the island around the sky blue jersey. And that it did. A record number of season tickets (in excess of 2000) as well as a new benchmark for average attendance figures (3000) per game indicated that Ibiza was ready for football and ready to get behind its team. With the team entering the business end of the season, the club is engaging its faithful with a continuation of the campaign, inviting everyone to dream about Ibiza accomplishing a historic feat by getting promoted to the Second Division. Ibiza Dares to Dream will be the mantra for the club, its team and its supporters to unite in the lead up to the promotion playoff which sees Ibiza three matches away from reaching unprecedented heights in Spanish football.


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