Amadeo Salvo: “Like any other business, as a club, we have to invest in health security and hygiene to protect all our employees”

Amadeo Salvo this morning spoke to the media in a press conference via video call that lasted three quarters of an hour. The club’s president valued positively the decisions taken by the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) over the course of the week in an effort to complete the Segunda División B season via an accelerated playoff format. “Given the current situation we are all in [playing a promotion playoff in a neutral location], it's the most logical solution”, explained Salvo, who believes that promotion to the professional football should be played out on the pitch following the federation’s rules and guidelines.

Ibiza’s president highlighted the importance of protecting the health of all workers involved in the football industry, a sector that will need to recover as so many others will have to as well as a result of the pandemic. “The government needs to issue the final authorization needed to play the playoff matches and obviously, it all depends on how this pandemic evolves. The federation governs and makes decisions concerning the competition and helps us to elaborate the protocols required. They are, however, not the final instance deciding whether the playoff will take place or not. Covid-19 is here and will be among us for months to come. We have to adapt and adjust ourselves. I am confident that the playoff will take place provided that our country continues to improve in the way it has over the last few days with new infection rates being registered at a lower amount than the number of patients being cleared. Now, as clubs, we have to invest in the health security and hygiene measures to ensure the safety and protection of our employees, just as all other businesses are doing across our country”.

Pablo Alfaro’s squad will resume training at Can Misses as of the coming week. The players will train on an individual basis to avoid any contact on the pitch or the normally commonly used areas by the coaching staff and the rest of the team. The training sessions will be held under strict compliance of the health and safety protocols the club has created which are in accordance with the Spanish Sports Council published in an official bulletin on May 6. Amadeo Salvo also informed the participating journalists that over the last couple of days over forty tests had been conducted (all resulting in negative results) of all players and club staff. Periodically, further tests will be conducted which will include the monitoring of temperature of all people entering the facilities. In addition, the squad will also undergo a medical revision after nearly two months since last being in action thanks to the club’s cooperation with the Policlínica del Rosario hospital. These are just some of the strict measures the club is putting in place to adhere to the rules set out by the government authorities. Over the coming weeks, the club will be in constant touch with the relevant authorities and bodies to maintain the utmost of flow of transparency and information regarding the evolution of the pandemic.

“The sixteen teams who will take part in the playoff format are able to assume the cost of these prevention measures to guarantee health and safety. None of the physical preparation coaches in any of the teams have faced a similar situation before. The planning will be of utmost importance as the preparation period will nearly stretch to two months until the first match is to be played. This will all take place during a time where players normally enjoy their vacations. Therefore, the entire preparation period will be unusual and unfamiliar, but we will do everything we can to take care of our players in the best possible way. Not being able to work and follow their profession over all this time has caused considerable stress and uncertainty”, said the Sky Blues’ president.