An alliance to look out for Ibiza

Ibiza and Ibiza Preservation Foundation today announced a "marriage". Using this metaphor, Amadeo Salvo this morning explained the special nature behind the commitment the club agreed to with an organisation that has been working for over ten years to preserve and recover the natural heritage of the island.

"It's an honour for us to collaborate with the foundation. We will draw upon Ibiza's reach to become a platform for spreading the activities and projects the foundation carries out. They have launched very interesting projects such as the mapping of meadows in the Posidonia of Ibiza and Formentera, the recovery of crops, cultivation and almond fields or the creation of rafts to support the aquifers in the south of the island, the most impacted area, as well as fighting against further oil spills in the ocean", stated Amadeo Salvo in a press conference which served to officially announce and sign the collaboration between the two entities.

Present at the announcement was Ibiza's first team squad as well as its coaching staff, from now on also known as "ambassadors" of the island's natural riches. That's how Sandra Benbeniste, Director of Ibiza Preservation Foundation referred to Ibiza's players. "We're delighted to have the footballers help us in our efforts to explain what we do to protect our environment via social media or when they are travelling to compete outside of the island", said Benbeniste, who highlighted the pioneering nature of Ibiza's commitment to link professional sport with environmental activism.

Today's agreement will turn into reality over the course of the next few months. The members of Ibiza's footballing family will partake in activities and projects designed to contribute to the cleaning of natural surroundings, the promotion of sustainable agriculture as well as the production of environmentally friendly and sustainable produce. Furthermore, the club commits itself to reduce its use of non-recyclable plastic over the coming seasons.

On the other hand, Ibiza's official communication channels will serve to spread the word of findings of studies completed by the Sustainability Observatory of Ibiza. This platform, promoted by the foundation, brings together different institutions and associations with a connection to the environment as well as sustainability. Its objective is to carry out studies that will help identify environmental challenges faced by the island. Ibiza's acting as a communication and awareness platform will help to promote the solutions put forward by the studies in order for these to be taken on by the island's society and public debate.