First team


During the post-match press conference, Pablo Alfaro analysed today’s match and reached the following conclusions: «I think it was an extremely intense and hard-fought match between two sides that were on a good run of form. During certain moments of the game, the weather definitely influenced the run of play. Those conditions, in the end, had more of an impact than any technical ones«.

Ibiza’s coach valued the point gained during the sky blue team’s first visit to Galicia. A long season still lies ahead and all positive results will contribute to the team’s overall position at the end of the year. «We came here with the intention of winning away from home, but if you can’t get all three, you’re satisfied if you can take one point with you. We just played round 5 and there’s still 33 more matches to be played. Now we need to recover, rest and slowly but surely start to think about the next game», said Alfaro.

Alfaro made it clear that his side didn’t play their best match of the season today at O Vao. «Today we were very inaccurate with our use of the ball. We’re a team that likes to employ a fast passing game, to lift the rhythm of play, be mobile, and to change directions of play… Today we struggled to do that. How does that impact our game? It means that we end up lacking fluidity, and obviously, goalscoring opportunities«, stated Ibiza’s head coach.

Attitude and organisation to keep making progress

With his more technically gifted players affected by the rain, Alfaro acknowledged that the game obliged Ibiza to take on a more pragmatic approach as the visiting side. «What I definitely can’t fault my players today, because you all would have seen it, is their attitude, the level of organisation and allowing the opposition very few chances. If you can’t play the way you want to, it’s becomes even more important to be solid in order to keep collecting points. Today, we had to accept that we had to play that second role».