Objective Pontevedra: a debut in the Copa del Rey in search of ‘a beautiful reward’

18 December, 2019

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Ibiza will today make its debut in the Copa del Rey, a competition that allows many teams to dare to dream, especially those searching to add silverware to their trophy cabinets. It’s a special competition that has been given a change of format by the Spanish Football Federation. In the new structure, the different rounds are played in a knock-out format –up until the semifinal stage– and more entry spots have been given to lower division teams. It’s an added level of inspiration for Ibiza prior to the match against Pontevedra at the Pasarón stadium later today. “We had to work really hard to end up among the top six last season and we want that journey to continue. We’re going to Pontevedra with the intention of getting to the next round”, says Pablo Alfaro, remembering last season’s epic win away to Melilla in the final round of league action that assured the team’s qualification for this year’s cup competition.

Despite the main focus being placed on the league competition, Ibiza travels to the Pasarón in search of a great reward. Alfaro puts it this way: “Not in the slightest would we ever contemplate not to compete at our maximum in the cup competition, because it can provide you with a beautiful reward: the possibility of hosting a team of a higher division on the island would allow a club like our’s to grow even more”.

Achieving this objective won’t be an easy task against an opposition that Ibiza already knows after facing the Galician side at Can Misses in round four of the league, beating Pontevedra by two goals to one. Since then, Pontevedra has started a good run of form and today, at 7 PM, Ibiza will face a home side that is full of confidence. “They’ve had a good run of results lately and they’ve been able to position themselves in the upper half of the league table”, warned Alfaro, who made his managerial debut against today’s opponents.

The stage is set for a memorable night of cup action at the Pasarón tonight. The sky blue supporters will be able to follow the encounter via IB3 Ràdio which will provide live coverage of a match that, no matter the final result, will go down in Ibizan football history.

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