14 May, 2019

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In regard to the information published in today’s edition of the Periódico de Ibiza, UD IBIZA-EIVISSA would like to state the following:

1.- UD Ibiza act with total and absolute transparency by informing the club, in writing, of our interest in the possibility of particular players who belong to them joining us for next season. In fact, these letters are a way of achieving transparency and fair play between clubs. We also stated that we would speak with parents and guardians as we believe this to be the logical and legal way to act in cases where minors are involved.

We were aware of the disposition of some of the people who run these clubs and it is for that reason that we wanted to send these letters so our communication was on written record.

2.- At UD Ibiza we believe in and want the best for youth football on our island. It is for that reason that we have established guidelines, procedures and transparency criteria for the signing of young talent, and it is also the reason why we will never employ the methods which we are being accused of using by some people, methods which they themselves use.

3.- Various clubs who are quoted in the aforementioned article have contacted players from our club, making direct contact with the players, not with their parents or guardians, via “Whatsapp” or social media platforms, with the aim of the players joining their clubs.

Hypocrisy and double standards are the worst route to take when working in the education of minors.

4.- UD Ibiza is a professional football club with its own Academy, the aim of which is to educate, above all in values, our players and coaches and therefore maximise their potential to reach the professional game. It is for that reason that we want, and have always wanted, to involve in an elegant and structured way all clubs who wish to participate in a sporting and educational model which we believe our young people are calling for. We do not exclude anybody, quite the opposite. We will always be willing to help, as we are doing with other clubs at the adult level. We are always open to dialogue, planning and collaboration.

5.- We are of the opinion that venting anger or airing misunderstandings between clubs in a public way only demonstrates that they want to highlight something that in the end will only damage themselves. Wanting to impose, limit or show off “ownership” of something they do not have, simply shows an overreach as a club and as an educator. In the same way that we have respectfully contacted the clubs, they could have done the same, indicating their refusal or opposition.

6.- UD Ibiza do not maintain any relationship, neither will one exist in the future, with the company which was named in said article; “Made in Ibiza”. This company runs sports camps, we understand that they do so with the consent of the Sports Board. However, there is no link and there will not be one in the future, and it is not, neither will it be, a vehicle for signing players. Spurious statements only serve to show those who make them in their true light.

7.- We hope and wish that the Periódico de Ibiza, from today, begins to devote the time that our youth football deserves, reporting with the same magnitude and space as today but showing the news, results and progress of our clubs and footballers.

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