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Pablo Alfaro: “I think that we need to enjoy the present moment of football in Ibiza”

11 October, 2019

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«We cannot afford to get complacent. That usually is the moment when you tend to drop your level». Pablo Alfaro remains fully alert despite the good run of form Ibiza is currently enjoying. That’s what he demonstrated in his weekly press conference. The tough nature of the competition is reflected in the players’ legs and the tough matches ahead indicate that things won’t get easier for the squad. Internacional de Madrid are Sunday’s visitors to Can Misses and are enjoying a good run of form themselves.

The team from Boadilla del Monte is just two points behind the sky blues on the league ladder. «They may not have the name of other teams, but they will be a very tough opponent for us», said Ibiza’s head coach to the local press. With Gonzalo highlighting the visitors’ «experience» on Wednesday, Alfaro is well aware of the opposition’s overall strengths: «What makes them very dangerous is that they have nothing to lose. They started the league very well and all the points they are collecting now will help them at the end of the season. Tactically, they adapt themselves according to what’s presented to them and it is their versatility that has been providing them with good results«.

Strength of the collective

To counter those strengths, Ibiza will resort to employing its usual approach. Without giving anything away, Alfaro assured the press with a smile that the entire squad (with the exception of Miguel Núñez who will miss the match due to suspension) is ready to be called up for a spot in the starting eleven: «Last Sunday’s victory really was a team effort. Will we have the same line-up? Probably not. Will the same players be on the pitch as last Sunday? Most likely not». This squad depth is one of the objetives which the coaching staff aims to preserve in the weeks ahead. «There are days where we shine and others where we do not. Us coaches usually are never satisfied across the board because we always believe we can get more out of the squad. And that’s how it should be», stated Alfaro.

The coach doesn’t want to throw caution to the wind, but he also doesn’t believe in being too modest: if the team’s performances have attracted attention outside of the island, it must be for a reason: «As an avid and passionate fan of this sport, I think we just have to enjoy the current moment Ibizan football is going through. It’s great to have teams from the island that are at the top end of the table in this division. At this moment, we have a record number of members and we should simply enjoy the moment. At least we should do so during the week, because on the weekend we will be competing intensely once again«.

Knowing how to value the present and keep ambitions in check, the team’s focus reaches no further than Sunday’s appointment with Inter de Madrid. There will be plenty of time to think about countering the strengths of Atlético Baleares in a week’s time. That’s the direction Alfaro is providing his players with ahead of its double-header home fixtures. «I don’t want to think two steps ahead when I need to take the first one. Whatever happens, will happen. Will we witness a great game in a few days’ time? All we are concerned about is that the game this Sunday will be a great one for us«.

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