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Pablo Alfaro: “Quintanilla’s injury was decisive in our attempt of trying to prevent the goal”

16 February, 2020

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Pablo Alfaro was cautious in his pre-match press conference warning of the dangers in facing a Racing side that was on the up. His words proved to be spot on: “We knew that coming here was going to be far from easy and that the stats were not going to indicate how the match was going to go. I felt that we controlled the first half; with their line of five in defence, they had trouble covering other parts of the pitch”, explained Ibiza’s head coach in the post-match press conference. Reflecting on the game, Alfaro did not want to find excuses for the result: “We had two or three really clear chances, but were not able to take them. Had we scored, we wouldn’t look back and think about the possible penalty claim at the end. We’re better off focusing on what we can control. Everything else you cannot really train and practice during the week”.

Asked about the goal which decided the match in Ferrol’s favor, Alfaro pointed out that his side was a bit unlucky in how the goal came about: “Quintanilla’s injury in the process of trying to stop Joselu from scoring was decisive. What hurt us, especially, was conceding a goal in the first minute of the second half”. Ibiza’s coach wanted to shift his focus towards his side’s next challenge against Sporting B next weekend: “The closing half of the season is very difficult for all the teams. There won’t be a team that will win all matches. You can expect many twists and turns still. Today, we have to congratulate our opponents and look ahead to our next battle back on home soil”, concluded Alfaro prior to commencing the journey back to Ibiza.

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