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Pablo Alfaro: “The match against Baleares is one of the better ones in this division of football”

18 October, 2019

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Pablo Alfaro is convinced that the three points on offer during the Balearic derby will remain at Can Misses if Ibiza is able to put on a «strong and compact» performance. That’s how he wants his team to face Atlético Baleares, in «one of the better matches to be played in the third division of Spanish football». «We’re completely aware of the excitement and expectation this match generates for our fans. We will take to the pitch and be fully focused on the match and will not deviate from our style of play, which has been causing other teams plenty of difficulties», explained the head coach during the pre-match press conference.

Alfaro makes a point of respecting the opposition and remaining humble, one of the key reasons, mixed with a high level of ambition, that explain the run of form Ibiza has been enjoying. «Atlético Baleares is a team that has a clear set of ideas and they are in a good position at the moment. Once again they started their league campaign well after finishing strongly last season. Due to a single goal, they were unsuccessful in being promoted», said the coach who won’t be able to count on Gonzalo, after suffering an injury in last weekend’s match against Inter de Madrid.

Questions remain as to whether Baleares will its usual tactical setup, a pattern all opposition teams to Can Misses chose to do so far this season. According to Alfaro, Ibiza is benefitting from the experience of having to adapt to unexpected game plans: «You could say that we’re getting proficient on how to deal with these types of unconventional situations as they seem to be happening to us almost every game. For now, we’re dealing well with them».

Ibiza’s head coach also expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with the support shown by the fans which is only going to increase against Sunday’s opposition. Alfaro believes that, as was the case last weekend, the atmosphere will resemble that of «a stadium of a higher division». With the crowd pushing on the sky blues from the stands, Ibiza will look to secure its fifth victory on home soil. If successful, such a victory would mean that the team would assume the top of the table. What counts for the coach, however, is that the team does not stop to pick up points: «We’re interested in getting the three points. As long as you pick up points, your position on the ladder will look better… but the final verdict will be issued in May and now we’re merely finishing the month of October. We continue to think about and approach things long-term“.

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