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Pablo Alfaro: “The team showed a lot of pride and heart to take a point from here”

9 December, 2019

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In today’s post-match press conference, Pablo Alfaro explained the value of “getting a draw with a man down” in a match that “had a lot of factors that weren’t in favour” of Ibiza. “To be fair, we leave here by being fairly content. Our intention is always to get the three points, of course”, explained Ibiza’s head coach, “but given the way the match unfolded and the circumstances we had to face, this point is very valuable. The match was influenced very heavily from the very first minute. An arguable piece of action cost us a penalty and from there we had to work hard to get back into the game”.

Ibiza was “hasty” in a couple of moments, but according to Alfaro, his team was “superior to Las Rozas” for most of the match “against a wounded opposition at its home ground, where it usually concedes very few goals”. For Alfaro, the key to getting something from the game was not to lose faith, especially when things began to look very complicated for his side: “The team showed a lot of pride and heart to take a point from here. We need to make this point count next Sunday by winning against Marino de Luanco at Can Misses. Not all draws leave you with the same sensation as this one today”.

Alfaro already has his sights set on next week which starts tomorrow, the penultimate round of league action prior to the start of  the short Christmas break. The upcoming fifteen days represent a major challenge for Ibiza: “The league keeps going on, there are many games left, this is not like the cup competition, and we will continue to go our way. Before the Christmas break, there are three matches left in just two weeks. It’s my duty to think about how to prepare the squad for this period in terms of minutes played, possible sanctions and so on”.

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