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6 October, 2019

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We had to work very hard for this win“, said Pablo Alfaro, taking a deep breath as he settled in to give his post-match press conference at Mareo. Questioned by the local press, the coach explained that his Ibiza side today faced “one of the most intense reserve teams participating in the league”, a challenge he knew enough about after the scouting reports and analysis conducted during the week. “Seeing as though we all analyse each other in detail, we obviously already saw their strength displayed during home fixtures. In addition, there are two or three players that you will most likely see feature in their first team in the Second Division very soon based on their level of quality, intensity and overall competitiveness… I liked what I saw from them, and this is a club that values these characteristics and gives young talents an opportunity to develop. I’m sure that you’ll get a lot of pleasure out of those players”, acknowledged Alfaro.

The sky blues’ head coach valued the match’s first fifty minutes as an evenly matched technical battle and believes that, as usually is the case in Second Division B, small details impacted the outcome of the game: “The first penalty clearly disrupted Sporting B’s plans: the match was extremely balanced at that particular moment with both sides having chances during a phase in which the defensive structures of both teams were becoming more and more imposing”.

The difficulties Ibiza encountered in its first visit of the season to the Asturias region are reason enough for the squad to be pleased without getting carried away and resting on its laurels. Alfaro made a point of mentioning the new incorporations into today’s side as he continued the press conference. According to the former defender, it was the substitutes who once again helped to steer the into its eventual direction. “These three points really reinforce the belief within the squad as far as our work is concerned. Today, we saw the involvement of several players who hadn’t accumulated many if any minutes so far, but they came in from the beginning and performed at a really high level“, Alfaro said.

Playing a clever game

Approaching a tough match in a smart way was key to securing victory. “We knew that we didn’t want to get involved in a constant tussle of back and forth“. So, Ibiza tried to avoid getting into situation where a heightened level of “urgency and velocity” would become predominant features of a match, as the coach believed his team could handle the match better in a different way. Based on the way the match eventually played out, it’s evident that the team can indeed adapt itself to adverse situations in a match. According to Alfaro, “it was the team’s attitude and work-rate that secured us three points today which we gladly will take back home to the island. That said, we will now continue on our path ahead”.

With another jubilant dressing room atmosphere captured for the team’s photo album, Ibiza has only one thing in mind: living in the present. “Our objective, this Sunday, is to enjoy the moment and these three points before we focus on recovery, because this journey still has some way to go. We are a young club of merely five years’ existence. When you come to play a club with a lot of history such as Sporting, you take a minute to reflect on the magnitude of that. We want to get to that level as well and continuing to pick up points will help us to do that“, Alfaro concluded.

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