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Pablo Alfaro: “We will need to counteract Coruxo’s style of play, an historic team of Second Division B”

22 September, 2019

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For Pablo Alfaro it was no big deal having to prepare the fifth round of the league for Saturday instead of the usual Sunday. That’s what Ibiza’s head coach confirmed during the weekly pre-match press conference, hours before travelling to Vigo to take on Coruxo. «Everything that’s to the benefit of sport we will do, whether that’s here or wherever we go», said Alfaro, who referred to the reason for the change of date for the match in Galicia: the Desafío Islas Cíes, a triathlon which will take place in the Vigo region.

On Saturday, then, Ibiza will take on Coruxo, an historic team of Second Division B. This current 2019/2020 season is the tenth consecutive season that the Galician team will compete in this division. After a disappointing start to the season in the first two games, Coruxo managed to get the maximum amount of points out of its last two matches over the last fifteen days. Recent history and results indicate that getting a win at O Vao, which will be Ibiza’s first match on natural grass this season, won’t be an easy task. «We want to be ambitious and bring back the three points to the island, we want to be dominant and have the ball on the ground, but respecting Coruxo at all times of course, an expert team, which has a clear game plan and plays a direct style of football while having good physical presence which has seen them concede very few goals… The match will most likely have different phases. We know that we will have to counteract their style of play and come up with alternatives that will allow us to be successful», explained Alfaro.

Between smiles, Ibiza’s head coach confessed that he is «not that sure» that there is a clear and fixed starting eleven when journalists asked him whether the last few matches had indicated any such sensation: «I want to have eighteen, nineteen, twenty-one players that are raring to go. Making changes here and there is necessary, however, because as soon as anyone starts to feel comfortable, there is a chance that they will relax. With only eleven or twelve players performing we won’t get anywhere, it’s that simple». Alfaro said he felt comfortable with the variety of tactical options at his disposal to adapt to the different situations of play in games such as, for example, the one of Coruxo. For the coach, the ideal situation is to combine different tactical set-ups «without driving anyone crazy».

Before leaving the press conference, the head coach once again stressed the importance of being patient. Alfaro acknowledges that, slowly but surely, he is seeing the results of a process which started back at the start of spring, when he took charge of Ibiza: «I think we are on track. We’re making good progress. Living on an island, I’ve realised that when you take a ferry to Dénia or Valencia, you can’t think about reaching your destination that quickly. We’re just four matches into the season and there’s a total of 38. There’s a long way to go and we need to keep working hard in the engine room of our ferry on a daily basis to reach our destination“.

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