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Pablo Alfaro: “We will pick ourselves up, because the team did show that it is well and truly alive”

3 November, 2019

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“If you a trailing for quite some time, you have to take certain risks. Once you equalise, and then have the will to win, you need to take even more risks. What do these risks mean? You can open up more opportunities up front, but at the back, sometimes, you run the risk of getting opened up“. That’s how Pablo Alfaro analysed Ibiza’s defeat against Atlético de Madrid at the post-match press conference. “We, more so in the second than the first half, had sufficient chances to decide the match in our favour. We did not do so during our strongest phase of the game, and in contrast, one quality piece of play knocked us off“, said the coach.

Congratulating the opposition, “a reserve team with a lot of quality” and a strong “tactical awareness” consisting of young and talented players, Alfaro continued with his post-match comments. “They scored twice even though they had less chances”, he said. The coach said that his staff will analyse what went wrong in a match where his players once again did not lack the right attitude: “Just as much as creating a winning streak of a year here at home, you can quickly end up losing two matches in a row. We will pick ourselves up and we will lick our wounds, because the team showed that it is well and truly alive“.

Alfaro also wanted to highlight the performances of his squad over the course of the eleven matches played so far during this season where Ibiza still remains situated in the very top half of the table: “This league is extremely tight and competitive and we shouldn’t look at the others. There are teams similar to ourselves that have ten points less than we do“.

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