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Pablo Alfaro: “We’re going to play the playoff with the ambition of securing promotion”

14 June, 2020

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Journalists attending this week’s virtual press conference with Pablo Alfaro came armed with a lot of questions. It was the Sky Blue’s head coach’s first press conference since Spain declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus.  With over three months since Ibiza’s last league match and victory, Pablo Alfaro sat down to answer questions on a season which still has not been decided and will now move into its unexpected and final phase, a promotion playoff to be played in Spain’s southern Andalucía region in a month’s time. Everyone involved with the club knows that what awaits is a historic opportunity and the objective of “being promoted to the Second Division” is the clear focus on everyone’s minds. “When we resumed training sessions at Can Misses, we looked at a total period of ten weeks to prepare ourselves for a one-week competition. It’s been a very compact and unprecedented period in which we’re all learning a lot. We knew that whatever the final decision on the express playoff format, we wanted to approach it in the best possible condition. We’ve got a clear plan of what we want to achieve and we’re extremely excited about it all”, said Alfaro. The Sky Blues will know their opponents for the first of a possible three matches on 25 June. Until then, “there are three weeks left to do a good job preparing ourselves for the opposition”, stated Alfaro who also recognised that, “for the moment, there won’t be any friendly matches to prepare”, which will make his coaching staff focus fully on its own squad in every way, shape and form. “The lads are all in great shape and have been working hard, not only since we’re back in training, but also during the entire quarantine period they maintained their fitness levels. We’re talking about a group of young and hungry players who were restricted in their movement, but never lost the appetite of being successful, once the ball started rolling again”. It’s with this drive and hunger that Pablo Alfaro and his squad are approaching the remaining preparation period prior to travelling to Málaga in order to pursue the club’s biggest objective to date, the promotion to the Second Division.

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