4 January, 2019

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UD Ibiza have decided to enter the world of eSports and commit to a sector which is constantly growing and evolving.
The aim of the project is to get closer to younger fans, continue to grow and strengthen the “UD Ibiza” brand, and reach new audiences.
The Club has decided to create “UD Ibiza e-sports” in order to compete in the eSports world. The project will begin from the perspective of football (Fifa19), but the Club also wish to move into different games in the future.
The numbers being achieved in this sector are highly impressive and are constantly growing. A club like UD Ibiza, which is always looking to the future, cannot afford to ignore the eSports movement.
UD Ibiza will compete with Francisco Luque Villar (FranLuque10 – PS4) and Luis Angel De David Hurtado (L3WIS K17 – Xboxone) in the Fifa eWorld Cup which begins on the 7th of January. The Club will also compete in LaLiga eSports (1 vs 1).
FranLuque10 competed in Paris Game Week, and finished on the podium at the LVP Open Cup and at Gamepolis. He played for KPI Gaming and he played for Valencia CF e-sports until 2017.
L3WIS 17 will play for UD Ibiza e-sports thanks to a collaboration with Crazy Crew eSport; he was runner-up in the first LaLiga eSports tournament, top 16 ESL Spain, top 30 Gfinity Winter 2018 and is a former Deportivo Alavés e-sports player.
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