Autographs of a sky blue dream

Lucas Anacker, Javi Lara, Kike López, Sergio Cirio, Ángel Rodado, Diego Mendoza and David Morillas passed by the La Sirena store specialised in football articles to sign shirts and posters for fans and supporters of Ibiza. In addition, five tickets were drawn and awarded to those who attended the event at La Sirena yesterday evening. The draw and reading out of the lucky winners was conducted by the attending footballers.

«This type of event is a great way for people of the island to get excited and involved. It's great to be able to sign shirts and see the kids' happy faces. Their happiness is passed on to us and gives us added energy and motivation. It's fantastic to receive such affection», said Lucas Anacker. Together with his seven teammates, the goalkeeper enjoyed an evening of laughter and smiles that the players will take into their next fixture on Sunday against Sporting de Gijón B at the Mareo sports complex.

«We're happy with the team's progress so far. With every game, we're growing collectively and that's a benefit for all», explained Lucas to the media representatives who covered the event. For the Brazilian «there's no greater objective than working hard every day to be in the best possible condition each Sunday». As far as he is concerned, the reserve team of Sporting will be a tough opponent: «We know that we must always be prepared to face a reserve team. They are young players with a lot of quality. We have to go to Gijón at our very best level if we want to get the three points».

Lucas is yet to make his debut in the league, but he is well aware of the fact that the team's good run of results is due to a strong collective effort. «Germán is doing a great job. I keep working hard to be at my best level when my opportunity will arrive», the keeper stated before returning to sign more autographs on the new sky blue and black Ibiza jerseys together with his teammates, which, Lucas already knows very well, «are a great hit with our fans».