Ibiza’s season ticket campaign extended until 28 September

There are two more weeks to be part of a building wave of passion. That’s the time Ibiza’s fans have to still get their new season ticket if they haven’t had the chance to do so over the course of summer. Due to the heightened level of enthusiasm generated during the season ticket campaign so far, the club has decided to extend the campaign until 28 September.

Those who are interested in making use of this extension, can get their season pass - includes all league games as well as the Copa del Rey of season 19/20 - from the club’s office at the Can Misses stadium from Monday to Friday from 9.30am until 2pm as well as from 4pm until 7.45pm. In addition, on the morning of Saturday, 28 September, the day before Ibiza’s home fixture against Racing Ferrol, season passes can also be extended, bought or picked up, if ordered online prior on the club’s website.