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Javi Pérez: "There is a healthy level of competition in the squad to fight for a place in the starting eleven"

Javi Pérez knows the ins and outs of Second Division B very well. Having surpassed the mark of 100 matches played in the division, he has ample experience to value the start of the season Ibiza has had so far. The midfielder from Alcalá de Henares analysed it in the following way at today’s weekly player press conference: „On match-day two we showed what we can do in front of our home crowd, here at Can Misses. The team has a really good dynamic and I am sure we will plenty more matches".

In the first two matches, Javi Pérez featured in Ibiza's starting line-ups. However, the box-to-box midfielder (who has already scored a goal so far) knows that in a squad like Ibiza’s any of the team’s players is able to push for a spot in the first eleven. „Having a squad of twenty quality players creates a training environment that is very tough and of hard work to fight for spots in the team. Here you can feature in the starting eleven or also take a seat in the stands: this creates a healthy level of competition which benefits the group overall", said the footballer.

This level of expectation extends itself to the weekly league matches: „In this division you can’t afford to take any opponent lightly. If you take your foot off the pedal for ten minutes in a game, you’ll lose the match". That’s why the upcoming match against Unión Deportiva San Sebastián de los Reyes will be a tricky one. Sanse lost its last outing against Sporting B and will try to rectify a tough result by playing in front of its fans. „We’re going to face a team that’s hurting after losing 5-0 in Gijón. Obviously, our aim is to win every match, be it at home or on the road. We have to present ourselves as a really tough and difficult opponent and we’re going to San Sebastián to give it our all", stated Javi Pérez.

Asked about the team’s objectives, the midfielder stressed the importance of being patient. According to Javi Pérez, taking a short-term approach of doing the small things well one step at a time can be beneficial in the long-run: "Even though it’s a cliche, we really have to take it one game at a time. At the end, that’s what a season teaches you to do and how to think. We will eventually see who is at the top and who isn't".