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Pablo Alfaro: "Consistency is key in order to put yourself in a position to play matches with something important at stake"

The style of play is not negotiable. Pablo Alfaro used today's press conference to explain that, despite last Sunday's loss to Atlético BalearesIbiza will not change its approach when it faces Real Oviedo B, the team's next opponent's in round ten of the current league campaign. "Defeats have to hurt. That's why we try to win the maximum amount of games possible, but logic tells you that there will most likely be more defeats along the way. What's important is to analyse them, understand why they happen, make sure you improve and keep competing", explained the head coach. The sky blues will start their trip to Asturias later today with the goal of "putting on a good performance at El Requexón" against "an atypical reserve team", full of quality players with the majority "not being from the Asturias region".

It's the first of five reserve teams "with very different styles" that Ibiza will meet over the next five rounds of the championship. For the first encounter against some of Spanish football's best up and coming talents, Ibiza will have to do without Kike López and Gonzalo due to injury. Available for selection, on the other hand, is Javi Lara in a match which presents itself as a great opportunity to spread and assign minutes among the squad's players. "[In Oviedo] we might be seeing players entering the action that we will also need later on during the season", ha dicho Alfaro.

The head coach believes Ibiza's project is "very much alive and thriving".  The 3500 spectators that filled Can Misses last Sunday and followed the match on IB3 Televisió prove the coach right and it is precisely that strong and growing support that will be following the team's fortunes during the next assignment away from home, hoping to replicate the wins in San Sebastián de los Reyes and Mareo. "Each day there are more people who really believe in what we are doing here", explained Alfaro, "and it is our job to ensure that there are many more days for people to celebrate the football and the matches we love to play. You have to be very consistent in order to put yourself in a position to play matches where there is something important at stake".