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Pablo Alfaro: "Today, the crowd gave the players that little bit extra"

«There was a moment, before scoring the winning goal, where the team was lacking a bit of energy. Today was one of those days where the Corsarios and the rest of our fans pushed us and helped us… that gives the players that little bit extra«. Pablo Alfaro acknowledged the role of the supporters which saw Ibiza secure another important victory. The head coach pointed out that Pontevedra, just as Rayo Majadahonda, operated with five defenders on the pitch, making a change to their tactical set-up for the first time. «That shows us that there is respect with regards to coming to Can Misses. They wanted to approach the game based on their defensive strength and solidity and try to surprise us with a counter attack here and there or by means of set piece», explained Alfaro.

The coach also spoke of the «richness» of a very broad squad which allows him to choose quality insertions such as Carbia, Diego Mendoza or Kike López, a key factor in matches such as the one today, that serve to allow Ibiza to keep the current trend going while being aware of the early nature of the competition: «If everyone is switched on and wants to compete, there will be the right outcome. At the end, you can propose a million different things to footballers, but if they don't believe in what you're saying… it's simply a lost cause».