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Pablo Alfaro: "We are where we are due to the team's collective efforts"

Pablo Alfaro's Ibiza is definitely starting to take "shape and style". That's the conclusion to be drawn after today's home fixture against Internacional de Madrid, a match that was anything but easy. Once more, Ibiza took to the pitch at Can Misses to find itself faced with "an opposition that for whatever reason again chose to play with five defenders despite not having done so in its seven previous matches", highlighted Alfaro.

Key to getting on top of teams as gritty and tough as Inter is the intensity with which Alfaro's players approach phases when they don't have possession of the ball: "The pressure with which we close down the opposition when we lose a ball, forces them to turn it over again and immediately hand us back the initiative".

While acknowledging the need to enjoy today's victory, the head coach admitted that it will soon be time for the team to focus on "the game that has captured your attention", referring to the upcoming Balearic derby against Atlético Baleares. Drawing on individual moments of brilliance such as today's efforts by Rodado and Javi Lara can help you win matches, but Alfaro believes that his team's fortunes so far very much due to a team effort: "At the end of the day, our position on the table is clearly the result of the collective. We create situations for individual to make a difference by forcing the opposition into committing mistakes as a consequence of doubting their next move under immense pressure... This allows you to take command and really impose yourself, resulting in being that little bit faster and positioning yourself in a favourable way for individuals to come in and win a game for you".