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Pablo Alfaro: "We won't change our way of doing things against Pontevedra: we will continue to show ambition"

Match-day four is a special one for Pablo Alfaro. He will face Pontevedra, the team against which he made his debut as a coach. Tomorrow, however, there won't be room for any nostalgia against a Pontevedra side that plays a "dynamic" brand of football and that will allow fans to enjoy "a great game of football". "We will play against an historic side of Spanish football. Pontevedra usually always finishes the season in the upper half of the table. It's our duty, after analysing them, to be very alert, and not to change our way of presenting ourselves at Can Misses in a way that is ambitious, but respectful of our opponents", explained Alfaro during this morning's press conference.

Asked about possible changes to the line-up in relation to the first three matches of the season, Ibiza's head coach acknowledged that he does not like to "restrict" himself in this regard. "We've had three line-ups so far and until now, none of them have been identical. It's true that when things work well and the core of the line-up starts to develop its style, you don't tend to make too many adjustments. Changes are possible, however, for people to come in and add their qualities ", said Alfaro, who is well aware of the fact that all of the players in the squad know that sooner or later they will get their chance to show themselves. According to the coach, the team needs "much more than just 13 or 14 players" to tackle as challenging a season as one of Second Division B.