Eivimotor, Ibiza's new Mobility Partner

Ibiza and Eivimotor are joining forces. The island's official Volkswagen dealership is the club's new Mobility Partner, an alliance that highlights Ibiza's continued commitment with the island's business community.

Eivimotor is a leading business in the local automotive industry. Since the late 1980s, the dealership offers sales, post-sales and repair services. With its fantastic quality and facilities, located on the highway to the airport, the company plays a key part in Ibiza's society.

Ibiza sees this new agreement which runs until the end of the season as a minimum in a very positive way as it unites two projects of very similar philosophies. The partnership brings together two entities that pursue ambitious objectives of developing in the best of ways in their respective fields with Ibiza's focus on reaching footballing excellence as well as Eivimotor's innovative approach of being at the forefront of the continually evolving automotive industry.