Ibiza visits Can Misses hospital to bring pre-Christmas joy to young patients

Luis Antonio opened his gift with excitement which Ángel Rodado, Toni Arranz and Rubén González handed to him. His mother looked on with a big smile on her face as her two year-old-son unwrapped the package to find a toy inside. The young child's happiness was shared by Ibiza's players, remembering their childhood of not too long ago. After getting acquainted with their young fan, the footballers left the room as happy as little Luis was.

The paediatric ward of Can Misses Hospital today saw many more scenes like this over the course of the early afternoon. The first team squad repeated its annual visit to the hospital to bring joy to the young boys and girls recovering from injuries and illnesses at the hospital. The entire squad, led by its head coach, Pablo Alfaro, got to experience and learn about the important work the medical staff performs on a daily basis at the island's public hospital.

Marilina Serra, coordinator of the paediatric ward, explained the day-to-day routine and processes of the ward where seven doctors, ten nurses and eight assistants work on a daily basis. Apart from little Luis Antonio, the players also paid visits to Izan, thirteen years old, India, four, Ariadna, a baby of a mere eighteen months, as well as Milan and Andy, two recent newborns.  Fran Grima did not hesitate to give the kids a big and warm hug, spending memorable moments with the young patients: each of the children received toys and official club products with Christmas just around the corner. “We love coming here to visit the kids, especially at this time of the year, to bring them a gift and club merchandise. If we can put a smile on the kids' faces to lift their spirits in difficult moments, we happily do this over and over”, explained David Morillas to sum up a joyful day for both the hospital's youngest patients as well as the players.