Ibiza’s players to help promote sustainable lifestyles in an environmental campaign for IbizaPreservation

Covid-19 has definitely had an impact in Ibiza in what would have been the start of the tourist and travel season. Dealing with this impact will be a great challenge for the island’s economy, but at the same time, presents an opportunity to make steps towards a more sustainable future. IbizaPreservation and UD Ibiza know that we’re living in a moment of great importance. For this reason, the two entities have designed an awareness campaign as part of their collaboration to promote sustainable lifestyle choices for the benefit of the environment. The campaign, which will begin today, will involve Ibiza’s first team squad who will be the protagonists in a series of videos which will help to launch and spread important messages to foster a responsible use of water, energy, a reduction and progressive elimination of single use plastic material as well as promote an increase in purchases of local produce to stimulate local businesses. The content serves to influence our daily habits which can go a long way to ensuring great benefits for the island’s fragile surroundings.

“We’re very excited to collaborate with our friends at UD Ibiza to launch this sustainability awareness campaign. We hope it will compel Ibiza’s society to adopt more sustainable lifestyles and habits on a daily basis. If we’re able to implement small changes into our daily lives, we can make a huge contribution towards a future beyond Covid-19 which can be a lot greener,” says Sandra Benbeniste, IbizaPreservation’s director. After signing a collaboration agreement during the second half of 2019 which has seen the club become involved in a beach clean-up with the entire squad, the Sky Blues continue to be a voice for the immensely important work the environmental foundation does with the efforts becoming increasingly noticed both on and outside the island. “We’re delighted to provide IbizaPreservation with access to our media channels and players to strengthen the message they want to spread during a particularly important time. We want that these topics are heard and taken seriously by people living in Ibiza all year round as well as those who come and visit our beautiful island for their holidays”, says Amadeo Salvo, the club’s president.

Ángel Rodado, the Sky Blues’ leading goalscorer this season, kicks off the campaign which will be launched via the club’s official channels as well as those of IbizaPreservation. “Making small changes to our daily habits and routines can allow us to collectively make a huge impact and create a much more sustainable future where we take care of our valuable resources”, explains Rodado, making reference to the environmental challenges faced in many corners of the world, including right here in Ibiza. “During the quarantine we witnessed just how much nature and the environment was able to regenerate which was very powerful to see. It’s something we all should witness on a more frequent basis instead of seeing images of polluted environments, be it in big cities or natural treasures such as Ibiza. It not only makes our surroundings more beautiful, but also a lot more healthy.”