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Pablo Alfaro: "These victories happen because the players believe in what they are working on"

Pablo Alfaro had no doubts during the post-match press conference. His team, «the one dressed in blue», invested everything it had today to get three more points. The win, the fourth of the season and third consecutive at Can Misses, came as a result of the belief and hunger of a unified group pushed on by the adrenaline injected by footballers of the likes of Diego Mendoza and Raí Nascimento. «The substitutes made a big difference today and that just shows you what depth we have in our squad. For these changes to work and be effective, they need to be practised and worked on, because if they aren't, you run the risk of creating a chaos. As you can see, what we created were difficulties for the opponent«, explained Alfaro to the media that covered the match against Racing de Ferrol.

Spurred on by the stands «that each time are filled with more and more blue Ibiza shirts», the team's players are able to draw on their belief to dig deep when they need it the most. As Alfaro notes, not everything will be rosy from here on in, even though it is the team's intention that counts for a lot of the fans' backing: «I think that [the fans] they will go home in a happy state because they saw a team that tried to win. You're not always going to win, because football is like that, but they see that their Ibiza is going for it and trying to win each match. All that contributes to the finding of a balance that we as coaches try to generate».

For the head coach, the key challenge is about reading and understanding the difficulties teams like Racing de Ferrol can pose, a team that made it «very difficult» defensively for the islanders, as Alfaro acknowledged. «These types of victories happen because the players believe in what they are working on. Your opponent will make life difficult for you, but the players realise that they are still able to break down that wall«.

With a sense of «a job well done» Ibiza's motto now is to «not drop the level». «I don't think the players would dare to do so anyway and neither would I let them», stated a smiling Alfaro upon concluding the post-match press conference.