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Pablo Alfaro: "Today was a beautiful day for Ibiza and our club"

Pablo Alfaro made his way to the post-match press conference while inside the Ibiza dressing room the celebrations continued. The Sky Blues' head coach was extremely happy. His side had anticipated and read the Balearic derby perfectly: "Just as there was an unlucky moment in the first derby, today there were two. Manu Herrera doesn't normally make a mistake like the one he did today, he is a great goalkeeper. Despite that moment changing the score, I think we did really well, we did what we had to in order to restrict Baleares and cause them problems".

The final score of 0-2 moves Ibiza closer to Baleares, but Alfaro is not getting ahead of himself. He stated that while the result was important, it by no means dictates the final outcome of the season: "There's plenty of points left to gain. I can guarantee you that none of us will win all of the remaining matches. It's extremely difficult. I wish Atlético Baleares the best, but we will fight until the end of the season".

The coach also used the post-match press conference to thank the hundreds of Ibiza supporters who made the trip to the Estadio Balear. "Our fans were fantastic today. We are very happy to dedicate this victory to them. Today was a beautiful day for Ibiza and our club. We'll enjoy this moment until Tuesday and then focus on our next challenge which is Oviedo", said Alfaro.