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Pablo Alfaro: "We'd be making a mistake thinking that things will get easier from now on"

Pablo Alfaro believes that Can Misses was rendered in "a special blue " during Ibiza's last couple of home matches. For this reason, and after the home fixtures against Baleares and Atlético de Madrid B, Ibiza's head coach wants to "provide a good morning of football" to the sky blue's fans this week. This week's opposition is Getafe B. "We will have to be cautious and aware at all times in order to secure victory. Everything will depend on how we start the match", said Alfaro during today's pre-match press conference.

The coach identified his team's upcoming rival as a reserve side that is fighting to stay clear of the relegation zone which has had better results on the road so far than when playing at home: "It's a team that has a counterstroke type of style, there is one or the other player that has had experience in the first team as part of the Europa League. We'd be making a big mistake by thinking that things should get easier from now on". Alfaro is not worried about the possibility of Getafe B adopting a defensive approach as other teams have done so far at Can Misses. "Who knows? Up until now, they never played this way, but this season we are seeing a lot of this tactic being used. We'll be prepared for it, but we need to see how the game unfolds", commented the coach.

Alfaro recognised the fact that the week after a victory always tends to allow a the team to train with an added spring in their step, as was the case this past week after winning away to Real Madrid Castilla. The coach also praised midfielder Pep Caballé, the goalscorer of both goals last Sunday at Valdebebas. Alfaro explained that stand-out performances such as his also give the team an added boost. "I cannot expect Pep to score two goals every week. That would be unrealistic. We were extremely happy to hear that the other day was one of the happiest days he's experienced as an athlete. He is such a passionate guy and has a really infectious and positive attitude. As coaches, we always like to make use of personnel that is on a high and in good form, because they give the team something extra", said Alfaro.

Ibiza will be without Gonzalo and Diego for the match against Getafe B. Both players are still recovering from their sustained injuries. Kike López has already trained with the squad a few times and could feature in the squad list for Sunday for a match that coincides with the draw of the first round of the Copa del Rey. The chance of being drawn against a First or Second Division team is minimal, but Alfaro is not concerned about it. For the coach, it is much more important that the club and team would get to perform in front of its home crowd in a beautiful spectacle: "My preference would be to play at home, obviously. I'm not concerned about the opposition nor the category they play in".