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Rodado's 50: youth and development based on goals

It seems like yesterday when he first set foot on Can Misses to get changed in the home dressing room instead of the opposition's, but time flies and Ángel Rodado Jareño (Palma, 1997) has reached the milestone of playing fifty matches for Ibiza. He reached this accomplishment on Sunday when he took to the field in Vigo against Celta B. His sky blue history, however, started at the sports complex of Sevilla Fútbol Club, on 26 agosto 2018. “It was really special to make my debut. I was on the pitch for a minute and a half of added time”, said Rodado who reminisced about his first trip with the club which ended in a win by a solitary goal scored by Miguel Núñez. “The first season with Ibiza was different to this one as it was the first time away from my island. The experience was really nice though”, explained the youngster from Mallorca.

He also fondly remembers his first goals scored for the club: “My first couple of goals for Ibiza I remember with particular affection: I scored when making my full starting eleven debut at Can Misses and I was lucky enough to dedicate the goals to the fans”, explained the centre forward. In total, Rodado has scored fifteen goals wearing the sky blue shirt. Nine goals last season and six in the current campaign. If he had to choose, Rodado has no doubts: “Of all goals scored for Ibiza, I definitely would pick the first one as the most special, without a doubt. Having said that, I'd also pick the first one scored this current season [against Rayo Majadahonda in round 2]. For a striker, it's very important to score early into a campaign or when joining a club”.

His commitment, courage to pressure opposition defenders and his intelligent positioning in the attacking third are attributes  that Ibiza's fans value highly. Added to those, his vision. Despite being a born finisher, he also loves providing a decisive assist, just as he did when he set up Raí a few weeks ago for his goal against Racing de Ferrol. “I also remember”, says Rodado, “a pass I gave to Sergio Cirio in one of the last matches of last season. It involved a change of direction, controlling the ball in full flight and then providing the pass. Then, Cirio did what he does best”.

Over the course of playing fifty matches for the club, Rodado is perfectly placed to comment on the evolution the club has taken since his arrival. It's commonplace for more than two thousand fans to flock to Can Misses on match day to support Ibiza. Having this type of support gives the players a huge boost, confirms Rodado. “The atmosphere at Can Misses keeps getting better and better and it really lifts us as players; it gives us extra gas in the tank after maybe feeling the pinch a little having made three exhausting runs; it simply pushes us on. I believe that if we do our job well, the fans will grow in numbers even more”.

Rodado has extended his contract until 2022. When he is not training at Can Misses, he can be found roaming the streets of Vila, a town that is now his home. His family lives in Palma, a thirty minute trip by plane. Mallorca and Ibiza, two similar yet different islands. “As far as lifestyle, there is no difference I'd say. Maybe in Mallorca, being a tad bigger, you have more of a variety, but Ibiza is an incredible island and extremely beautiful and I really enjoy it here”. Rodado's goal is to extend his matches played statistic for Ibiza and in a few weeks' time he could also have the opportunity to add a cup fixture appearance to his resume by debuting in the Copa del Rey. “The match against Pontevedra will be very special. A lot of my teammates have already played a cup tie, but it could be my first in a competition that is very special for me. As it is for Ibiza. Therefore, we're all very much looking forward to it and we hope we can reach the next round”.