The second part of the season ticket campaign starts Monday

Did you miss out on getting your Ibiza season ticket during summer? Don’t fret, because starting Monday you’ll be able to get yours. With December beginning on the island, there’s no better way to start the festive season than making sure you have the Ibiza season pass in your hands. Make sure you pass by our offices (during work hours from 9.30am until 2pm as well as 4pm to 7.45pm) to get your season pass printed. Getting the season ticket will give you complimentary access to the last two home matches of the opening part of the season (Marino de Luanco on 15 December and Unión Popular de Langreo on 5 January), as well as the nine home fixtures until the end of the 2019/2020 season. As an Ibiza season ticket holder, you will also enjoy all of the Copa del Rey matches Ibiza plays at Can Misses if we reach the next rounds. The value of these season passes is reduced to half the price of new season ticket prices sold during the summer including discounts for children, young adults, seniors and special season ticket holders. Don’t hesitate to get your season ticket pass now and become a part of the ever-growing group of sky blue supporters: during summer 1508 people signed up to become Ibiza season ticket holders. Together, let’s grow that number even further. Become part of the club and shout with pride: I am Ibiza!